The garden shed in most cases, ends up as a dumping ground for items we can’t keep inside the house. Bikes, tools, Christmas decorations, gardening implements, white goods, paint… the list is endless. With ProHome’s shed storage solutions you can transform that cluttered space into a well-organised orderly place for all your items.

As with all our storage solutions, a member of the ProHome team can come to your home and suggest ways to turn your garden shed into an invaluable storage area. All shed storage is custom built for your specific requirements and is manufactured at our local workshop by highly qualified carpenters and design specialists. A full range of finishes are available and we are happy to provide you with a free consultation.

Some shed storage solutions you should consider:

  • Shelving units
  • Ceiling racks
  • Cupboard storage
  • Paint racks
  • Utensil and tool racks
  • Tool organisers
  • Hose reel mounts
  • Much much more……

Call the ProHome team to organise an assessment of your storage requirements.

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