Within your home there are no doubt many areas that remain unused, cluttered or in need of some TLC. With PROHOME’S storage solution service, we can design a storage area for you and your family that will make the most of that unused space.

Why buy an off the shelf storage solution that doesn’t really fit in with the atmosphere of your home when you can have PROHOME tailor make storage in the size, material and finish you desire?

A well-organised storage space can transform the appearance of any room and can bring order as well as aesthetic benefits to your home.

Step back and take a look at each space in your home, or let a member of the PROHOME team do that for you. We can suggest storage solutions for you and help you realise the potential of all that unused space.


  • Kitchen storage
  • Bedroom storage
  • Bathroom storage
  • Living area storage
  • Under stairs storage
  • Attic storage
  • Closet storage
  • Shelving


All PROHOME storage solutions are available in a range of finishes,

just call 083 121 55 65 for your free consultation and we’ll make sure you get the local, reliable service you deserve.