PROHOME Provide a vast range of trade services and products for our customers in the residential sector. Now more than ever, our residential clients are thinking about upgrading certain aspects of their homes as selling and upsizing is no longer an option for most.

It is with this in mind that PROHOME have developed a range of services, which will assist in increasing the value of your home and help you to realise the full potential of the space you already have. For some it’s a decked area in the back garden with bespoke seating, for others it’s more pressing matters like roof repairs and ensuring your home is ready for resale by having a BER certificate.

Take a look below at the services we offer and remember, you the customer are our number one priority.


When it comes to the interior of your home, there really is nothing more important that general upkeep and maintenance to keep it looking it’s best and prevent costly long-term repercussions.  

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The upkeep of the exterior of any building is imperative, not just for aesthetic reasons but for the safety of all those living in the house and neighbouring area. An unkempt exterior can lead to all manner of accidents and can in turn lead to costly repercussions.  

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Room Makeovers

Our premium service is The Room Makeover. This is where we combine & manage several trades for the home owner, which is generally too small a task for a builder and too big a task for your local handyman.    

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ProHome Cork provides storage solutions for areas throughout your home, both indoor and outdoor. Because of our strong carpentry background, we can develop the perfect storage solution for any area in your home.  

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