ProHome Cork provides storage solutions for areas throughout your home, both indoor and outdoor. Because of our strong carpentry background, we can develop the perfect storage solution for any area in your home.  


The garden shed in most cases, ends up as a dumping ground for items we can’t keep inside the house. Bikes, tools, Christmas decorations, gardening implements, white goods, paint… the list is endless. With ProHome’s shed storage solutions you can transform that cluttered space into a well-organised orderly place for all your items. As with […]

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Whilst garages were traditionally built for the storage of vehicles, they have since their inception been used to store just about everything from the home. Garages can descend into chaos if effective storage solutions are not put in place. ProHome provides tailor made storage solutions to help you make the most of the space you […]

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Within your home there are no doubt many areas that remain unused, cluttered or in need of some TLC. With PROHOME’S storage solution service, we can design a storage area for you and your family that will make the most of that unused space. Why buy an off the shelf storage solution that doesn’t really fit in […]

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