ECCO Store Limerick

The PROHOME has just completed the total fit out of the new ECCO store situated in the centre of Limerick City

Before the PROHOME team Fit Out

ECCO store Limerick pre PROHOME Fit Out

  • With Limerick being a new store and an unique building PROHOME worked  closely with ECCO on all aspects of design,layout & finish
  • The PROHOME team stripped out existing store fittings,floors,changing rooms & ceilings
  • The team created a white box space for the ECCO fittings & fixtures including stockroom catering up to 4,000 pairs of shoes.

ECCO Limerick shop inside during PROHOME Fit Out

  • The project took 12 consecutive days to complete,this image is day 7
  • Track lighting complete,wall panels on,stock room complete

ECCO Limerick inside shop after Fit Out 1

  • Day 12,store complete
  • This is our 4th  fit out for ECCO , delighted to say another successful fit out by PROHOME


ECCO Limerick at the start of the makeover
  • Took off existing signage
  • PROHOME  co-designed external sinage with ECCO
  • Paint Shop front
  • PROHOME supplied & fitted shop front.Overall shop front has a clean cut finish,exactly what ECCO required


External finished product

ECCO Shoes new Limerick store

 PROHOME finished product

PROHOME always delivers on time.